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When Emotion Gets The Better Of You

Ever had a totally over the top emotional reaction to something or someone and looked back wondering where that little outburst came from? You probably realised that had you handled the situation differently, you’d have got a far better outcome or result …

emotions sits on your shoulders like a monkey with a sandbag

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m saying; I bet you’ve had times where anger has suddenly risen out of nowhere like a tsunami destroying everything in its path and yet the situation was actually pretty trivial? Or suddenly an undefined sadness or depression engulfs you like a black cloud that you just can’t find shelter from, yet you felt fine a few moments ago? Maybe you’re someone who experiences untold guilt about absolutely everything, like a dagger piercing your heart the more you try to evade it? Fear too is a common emotion to experience irrationally, blowing like an ice cold wind on an open plain and giving rise to shallow breath and a churning stomach filled with anxiety. Yep, I suspect we’ve all been there – I certainly used to visit all of those place regularly.

The good news is that there’s a very effective way to deal with these feelings and it’s called Time Line Therapy™ (TLT); you don’t actually have to be a slave to such overwhelming emotions which you feel that you can’t control – TLT gives you the choice to deal with them in as little as 3 hours – yes, really.

How does it work? Your unconscious mind is like a huge filing system; it’s constantly referencing experiences that reaches it by the sensory input channels through which information hits it – so what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell. When it picks up on a similar experience to something it’s had before, it files that experience or event in the same place as similar stuff. Emotions, whether good or bad, gather collectively and form what’s called a ”Gestalt” – that just means a collection of similar things in the same place. It’s a bit like filling up a bag of sand; every time you experience – let’s say, anger – another shovel of sand goes in the bag and another and another – until you have a heavy bag weighing you down. It happens so gradually over time that you’re not necessarily aware of it until you feel yourself reacting really inappropriately to certain situations and then find yourself questioning whether you’re turning into some kind of emotional fruit loop!

TLT is an intervention which takes you back to the first time you felt each negative emotion. At a conscious level, you couldn’t possibly remember when your first experience was although you may well have some early memories. We work with your unconscious mind to get to that first experience and we use very effective techniques to work with it and almost dissolve or neutralise the emotion around it. It doesn’t mean the memory is gone – it means the emotional charge is removed. This is like cutting off the corner of the sandbag and feeling total relief as you watch the contents drain out.

Does it mean that you’ll never feel a negative emotion again? Of course not – you’re a human, not a machine. What it does mean, however, is that when a situation arises where it’s actually appropriate to feel that emotion, you’ll experience it at a warranted level – rather than feeling totally consumed by feelings which don’t serve you. A TLT session is typically around 3 hours and speaking from personal experience, it’s the singularly most effective way I’ve ever come across to quickly and easily get rid of the build up of negative emotion which inevitably exists within us all. You’ll also see a real increase in your energy too – have you realised how much energy is taken up by internal negativity? If ever you want a 2 minute demonstration of that, just ask me and I’ll happily show you.

So … if you knew that you too could make the choice to clean out your emotions, have more energy and feel relaxed in the knowledge that your reactions and feelings will be more akin to a calm spring than a volcanic eruption, you’d want to do that wouldn’t you?

Interested to know more? Call me on +44 (7932) 060360 – I’ll clarify any questions you have before you make the decision to take control of your life and your emotions and we can get cracking as soon as you choose. Imagine… how great will that feel?

Be outstanding …