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Welcome To My First Blog Post

Sometimes there comes a time in life when you choose to reinvent yourself …

allow the sun to rise over new horizons

Change is an interesting concept; some people embrace it and some people approach it with trepidation, whilst some folk endeavour to avoid it altogether. Whenever you move forward to start a new chapter in your life, it can be human nature to feel a sense of fear and to look to the unknown as a vast black hole. However in contrast, you can also choose to picture the great unknown as a big blank canvas and begin to notice the excitement surging through your veins as you consider the words you’re going to use to design and write that new chapter and the pictures it’s going to contain. And that’s exactly what I’ve done!

I’ve had conversations with a few people over the last week about life re-evaluation, something that I advocate in a big way. How many of us stop and take stock of where we are and whether that’s actually providing for us what we need in life in terms of building the future we desire, or whether we’re where we’re at, doing what we’re doing purely by default and circumstance? It was this concept which, after a lot of soul searching, led me to make a major change in my world last week.

Something very important in my world is balance, particularly balance of the work/home variety. It hit me like a bolt that whilst I loved the work I was doing providing change and empowerment and training for groups of NLP Practitioner students, the time and energy that sat around it when all aspect of the business were considered, was all consuming; not least of all because by nature I throw myself into what I’m doing with total commitment. So I decided that it was time for a change; to look to work on a smaller scale, still maintaining elements of my work with people about which I’m passionate, just differently.

And so Faz Colbhie Limited was born on 5 January 2012. My new venture is all about personal development, therapy and training. The first two aspects are aimed at working with individuals to help them achieve what they really want from life – that may be using a combination of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™ and Counselling skills to get rid of fears and phobias, to give up smoking or find your ideal weight, to increase confidence at work in social situations, to help with performance challenges or management of trauma and emotions and most importantly, to empower you to get on the path that will take you to where they really want to be. The training elements of my new venture are diverse and exciting, from “Workplace Communication for SME’s” and “People Skills for People” through to Hypnosis Practitioner training. And if you’re looking for something thought provoking and an opportunity to do some soul searching and really dig deep to find yourself, you might be interested in “Meet Yourself”!

So my message here is if what you’re doing isn’t working, you have it within your power to do something different – you just have to make the choice; life’s full of those!

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Be outstanding …