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Understanding Hypnosis Part II

My last post was a beginner’s guide to understanding Hypnosis and it explained – briefly – what Hypnosis is and how and why it works effectively to deal with a range of challenges from fears and addictions through to confidence and sports performance. Today we’re going to look at what Hypnosis isn’t …

follow the pendulum; your eyes are getting heavy ... ah, that's such old hat!

Last week I alluded to the bad press that Hypnosis gets so I’m going to clear some of that up for you now. Let’s take a look at the top ten less than positive things I hear people say to me when I tell them I’m a Hypnotherapist:

  1. Hypnosis is for weak minded and gullible people:Myth! It tends to be quite the opposite in that the best hypnotic subjects are those with creative imaginations who can concentrate well.
  2. Hypnosis will make me do things I don’t want to:Myth! An intrinsic part of our personality make up is our values which operate mostly at an unconscious level and even in the deepest of “trance” nobody will do anything that goes against those core values. As an example, remember the Derren Brown show when he hypnotized a group of people to do a bank job? Out of the 10 or so, how many did it? 10? Nope, 2. Only two of those subjects had money so high on their list of values that they were happy to go along with it. The others didn’t as it wasn’t something they would ordinarily do.
  3. The Hypnotist will take over my mind and I won’t be in control:Myth! You’ve been watching too much TV! The greats like Paul McKenna choose their subjects very carefully and the ones who cluck around on stage are one of two types: (i) naturally flamboyant types, quite happy to make a spectacle of themselves (ii) the opposite, painfully shy types who long to be outgoing and take the opportunity to be so whilst being able to use the Hypnosis as an excuse.
  4. Not everyone can be hypnotised:Myth! Everyone experiences “trance” at some level every day, whether it’s not recalling the journey from A to B or being lost in a book or film or staring into space day dreaming. Hypnosis is an extension of this – it’s purely a deep level of relaxation of mind and body.
  5. Hypnotherapists have special powers:Myth! An adept Hypnotherapist is someone who has trained and possesses a good understanding of the conscious and unconscious mind and a knowledge of humans and behaviour. A reputable Hypnotherapist will have received thorough training by a recognised Body and that’s the extent of our “special powers”. Tip: check out their credentials!
  6. Trance is dangerous:Myth! Although you’re excused for harking back to the days of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing movies when you hear the word “trance”! The word has a few originations, including Middle English traunce (a state of extreme dread) and Middle French transe (passage from life to death); however “trance” within Hypnosis is used to describe a deeply relaxed, altered state of mind and far from being dangerous, it’s an awesome thing to experience and incredibly helpful to effect change.
  7. I’m worried I might get stuck in trance:Myth! At every point during a Hypnosis session, you are in control of your own will. For example, no matter how deeply relaxed you were, if you smelt smoke your natural survival instincts would kick in and you’d open your eyes and get up and go! Even if your Hypnotherapist left you half way through a session (using an extreme example!) your natural bodily functions would eventually have you open your eyes and take appropriate action!
  8. Hypnosis will make me reveal secrets I don’t want to share:Myth! Hypnosis will not “make” you do anything against your will, therefore if in a normal waking state there are things you wouldn’t normally share then Hypnosis will not change that. It isn’t a truth serum – you need sodium pentothal for that sort of result and I believe it’s a controlled substance!
  9. I’ll have amnesia or I won’t remember anything while I’m hypnotised:Myth! Most people have a good recollection of what occurs during any Hypnosis session.
  10. Hypnosis is like a magic wand:Myth! Oh, if only! Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool, however it can only empower someone to make changes if they really want to. For instance, the chances of having someone become a non-smoker if they don’t actually want to is virtually non-existent; Hypnosis will not make anyone do something against their will.


So there we are – job done. If you want to make a positive change like giving up smoking or an addiction, getting to your ideal weight, improving confidence or sports performance or dealing with fears, phobias and emotional stuff, then hopefully this is making sense and you’re beginning to get a great picture of how Hypnosis is a fantastic route for you to take.

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