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My certification and experience as an NLP Trainer means that I can be incredibly flexible with the course content that I deliver, ensuring that information and knowledge is communicated in a way that is accessible for all delegates, regardless of learning styles, whatever the subject content …

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Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner training is based on the syllabus of and accredited by the ABTLT (American Board of Time Line Therapy™). Training is over two days and you must be a certified NLP Practitioner to undertake this training with me.

You’ll understand the concept of the Time Line, the Gestalt, how to elicit a client’s Time Line, how to discover the root cause of major negative emotions, how to get rid of negative emotions and limiting decisions, phobia removal on the Time Line, taking a detailed personal history and also the effective goal setting technique Creating Your Future.

Time Line Therapy™ is an incredibly effective intervention and an invaluable addition to your toolkit as an NLP Practitioner.


Hypnosis Practitioner training is based on the syllabus of and accredited by the ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy). I offer two types of training: a 2 day course for accredited NLP Practitioners and a 4 day course for people who haven’t done their NLP Practitioner training.

You’ll learn about the conscious and unconscious mind; you’ll gain a great understanding of what Hypnosis is and what it isn’t – I’ll debunk the myths; you’ll practice valuable techniques to induce relaxation and a hypnotic state and you’ll become adept at identifying challenges and writing scripts with commands to empower your clients to achieve change with speed and longevity.

If you’re not already a certified NLP Practitioner, the extended course will commence by covering topics such as Values, Cause & Effect, Rapport, Sensory Acuity and Basic Linguistics.

So whether you’re already a Therapist and would like another string to your bow or whether you’d like to take your first step in working with people and change then Hypnosis Practitioner Training may well be for you!

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve — Napoleon Hill



In today’s competitive marketplace and challenging economic times, it is vitally important that every business owner, Manager or Leader is at the top of their game. Total confidence in yourself and your abilities is paramount with every interaction you make with your staff, colleagues, clients and business contacts. Underpinning this are the essential abilities to build rapport and relationships; to communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and non-verbally; to negotiate and persuade effectively; to understand the use of linguistics; to motivate a team like a true, authentic leader.

Whatever the challenges which your business faces, I have the knowledge and resources to build a training program specifically for your needs, to be delivered within the timescales you require and to meet the outcomes you desire.

Whether you’re a sole trader looking to achieve better results or a Manager or Team Leader of a larger organisation, it would be great to discuss your training needs in depth at your premises, which will give me the opportunity to get a feel for your culture and values to assist me with building your solution.


I’m pleased to be delivering this course in collaboration with Gillian Ormston of Intelligent Awakenings Limited. View Gillian’s website here.

This is a new an innovative series of 4 workshops which can be delivered over 2 days or as a series of half day events to enable Project Managers to implement and gain practical experience of the techniques over a period of time.

The objectives of the workshop are to deliver practical experience of highly effective communication techniques and stakeholder management; conflict resolution and negotiation skills; goal setting and action planning; building an effective team and problem solving; to provide Project Managers with the space to consider their learning and set out plans to implement chanes to their PM approach following the workplace learning.

The content of the workshops is flexible and will be tailored to meet the requirements of the individual Organisation whilst still delivering the objectives above.

So, if you’re a Project Manager looking to get the edge within your role and take your results to another level, it would be a great idea to speak with me!


We live in demanding times and it can be difficult to get ahead for some people, particularly those who lack in confidence or who have perhaps been out of the workplace for some time and are looking to get back into a career. Equally, individuals who consider that they have fabulous “people skills” can experience difficulties getting their message over or feeling comfortable in their roles, whether in business or socially.

This is a two day hands on experiential workshop which covers a multitude of aspects around dealing with people, both workplace and non-workplace. At the end of your training, you’ll feel positive and confident interacting with others through learning about rapport and getting on someone else’s wavelength quickly and easily; understanding someone else’s “model” of the world; building constructive relationships with strong foundations, whether with partners, friends or colleagues; getting a grip on how others take on board and process information and being able to communicate with them accordingly.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that in whatever situation you find yourself, you have the skills and confidence to speak and interact with anyone and everyone? How many doors would that open up for you, I wonder? These two days will make a huge difference in your world!



You’ll probably be familiar with the phrase “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”? Sometimes that’s just how life is; we’re conditioned to live a certain way, do certain things at certain times and we end up where we’re at by default rather than design.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself “Who am I? Who really am I and what do I want out of life?” Most people don’t – usually because it doesn’t dawn on them that they have options outside of their immediate circumstances. Some people do start to take a look inside of themselves, then put the lid back on quickly because change can seem proper scary! But you know what? Change can be great and it’s a good idea to embrace it – or at least start to by examining your options and choices once you’ve started to really understand yourself.

Over two days, this experiential workshop will be thought provoking and will encourage you to do lot of soul searching on many levels. Be prepared to be motivated, excited, empowered – most of all, be prepared to meet yourself! Interesting stuff, eh?

I’m also available to offer training on a tailored modular basis for groups, organisations and individuals; to discuss training opportunities in more detail with me, please call me on +44 (0) 7932 060360