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NLP Parts Integration

Ever needed to make a decision and found yourself thinking ”Part of me wants this, part of me wants that”? Or perhaps you encounter challenges in life and feel that part of you can, part of you can’t? Maybe part of you feels worthy or good enough to achieve all you want in life, yet part of you doesn’t …


leave inner conflict in the past with parts integration

You know the stuff I’m talking about; those “Daddy or Chips?” moments. One part of you really wants a committed relationship, the other part of you wants to stay with yourself. Perhaps one part of you wants to stay in your job, yet another part of you really wants to take the plunge and work for yourself. Maybe you’re experiencing inner conflict about whether you want to live out your years in the UK or depart for the sun. Or perhaps there are lots of things that you want to change in your life and whilst on one hand you believe totally in yourself, on the other hand there’s a voice telling you that you just don’t.

These are all examples of inner conflict that we all have and when we experience this type of conflict we’re prevented from taking the action that we need to or achieving the outcomes that we truly desire. Parts challenges fiddle with our mojo and with our congruency – and congruency is essential to be able to make changes and stick to them. The conflict presented can have a really detrimental effect upon your energy levels too. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming has a very effective intervention to deal parts issues, called Parts Integration – and in my experience it’s incredibly powerful.

Many of my clients consult me to lose weight or stop smoking. Before I undertake any challenge specific work with them, I’ll always perform a Parts Integration as you can bet your last pound that they have some inner conflict. A smoker, for instance, may feel “Part of me really wants to be a non-smoker, part of me enjoys smoking and doesn’t”. Or someone overweight may feel “Part of me really wants to reach my ideal weight, part of me doesn’t believe that I can”. So if a client has an inner conflict about what they’re asking me to help them achieve, how effective do you think my work will be? We need to remove conflict barriers before we get down to the nitty gritty!

Parts Integration works on the premise that once upon a time that conflict wasn’t there; once upon a time, those parts made up a whole. Significant emotional events, experiences and beliefs have caused the fragmentation. However, both parts will share the highest positive intention – they just go about getting there in very different ways. Using cunning linguistics, I question my clients about the purpose of each part to find the highest positive intention. Once at a both conscious and unconscious level the client has the awareness that the parts share this highest intention, integration is possible, conflict is dissolved and congruency is restored.

Here’s an analogy that may paint a simple picture for you. ABC Limited is a successful business, then the recession hits. Mr Scrooge, the Financial Director immediately says “Whoa, let’s baton down the hatches and spend no more money. Let’s cut our budgets in every department.” Mr Branson, the Sales Director, says “Hell no! Let’s invest in getting our people to be able to perform optimally. Let’s develop a strategic marketing plan to get the brand out there successfully.” Both Directors have a very different idea as to the way forward – however ultimately, their highest positive intention is the same – to ensure that the company survives during what they perceive as potentially trying times. Make sense? And parts are just the same!

If you’re experiencing inner conflict in any area of your world which is preventing you from moving forward and living life to the full, whether personally or professionally, then Parts Integration may well be the solution that you’re seeking. Imagine how empowering it will be to feel total inner harmony, to have all of your inner resources focused on achieving what you want, leaving doubts and turbulence behind – awesome, eh? And it’s easy!

Parts Integration needs to be undertaken by a competent Practitioner, however you can still give some thought to your own parts challenges. When you’ve identified a conflict, sit back and drill down into what exactly each part is wanting. Ask yourself what the purpose of each part is and what does its stance get for it. With careful consideration, you’ll discover that both parts do in fact have the same high level positive intention – and that many of the reasons for existence of one part can be offfset or complemented by the other. This thought process in itself may well bring you a greater level of congruency than that which you currently have.

Give me a call on + 44 (0) 7932 060360 or email me and let’s chat through how we can work together to lay old beliefs and conflict to rest so that you can get on with what you’re really here for – living life with positive attitude and self belief and achieving all that you desire!