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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

With apologies to Carlsberg, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is probably one of the most powerful personal and professional development tools in the world; it’s all about your thinking, your emotions, your behaviour and your outcomes. It’s also about communication, focus and empowerment …

enhance your thinking like the quick slickness of the iPad processor

I understand that the very name sounds incredibly jargonised – so let me simplify it for you. Neuro simply refers to the information which hits your brain via your five senses – so what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Linguistic is all about how the brain gives meaning to and processes this information and Programming is what happens as a result – so the emotions and behaviour that occur as a result of this thinking or internal processing.

To use a simple analogy, just imagine for a moment that you’re sitting in front of a computer with an Excel spreadsheet open. Neuro would be the equivalent of the information that you input. Linguistic would be all the clever stuff that the formula does with that information and Programming would be the results that are output from your spreadsheet. Get the picture?

NLP gives you the ability to fine tune your thinking and therefore achieve optimal results in all that you do – it’s a little bit like upgrading the processor in your PC. Remember years ago when the old IBM mainframe computers came out? They were noisy, big, clunky and slow, weren’t they? These days we have technology like the new iPad3 – fast, slick, seamless and incredibly efficient. So if you could liken your performance to that of a computer, you’d want it to emulate the newest technology with the quickest, slickest processor, wouldn’t you?

NLP has been described as the technology of achievement, the science of success and the study of excellence – in essence it’s about getting to grips with the way that you think and that’s when the domino effect starts – change your thinking to serve you, your emotions refine, your behaviour then changes and it goes without saying that the results and outcomes which you achieve in everything that you do are exactly what you want!

Explaining the dynamics of NLP isn’t something that can be done in one blog post – there are many techniques which are key to bringing about change in your world and we’ll explore these over the next few weeks. We’ll begin with what’s known as the NLP Model of Communication first – this will give you a great insight into how your brain processes the two million bits of information which hit it every moment and how you make sense of your world. Then we’ll go on to consider the conscious and the unconscious mind; what each does and you’ll begin to see clearly how you can start to tap into your unconscious mind to access lots of resources which are already waiting there for you!

We’ll talk about your values and beliefs and I’ll give you an overview of some of the very effective techniques which form part of the NLP toolbox, along with some tips for you to start to use yourself.

If you can imagine how great it would feel to wake every morning with a positive mindset and the confidence flowing through every cell in your body to know that whatever the day has in store, you will have developed the flexibility of behaviour to achieve all of the outcomes you desire, then you’ll undoubtedly be really interested to hear more about this fascinating subject – so watch this space!

Of course if you’d like to get to grips with how NLP can help you on a personal basis to bring about positive changes in your world quickly and easily, then why not call me today on + 44 (0) 7932 060360 – I’d love to chat with you!

Be outstanding …