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leave inner conflict in the past with parts integration

NLP Parts Integration

Ever needed to make a decision and found yourself thinking ”Part of me wants this, part of me wants that”? Or perhaps you encounter challenges in life and feel that part of you can, part of you can’t? Maybe part of you feels worthy or good enough to achieve all you want in life, yet [...]

a walk by the river and brown dog's just out for the count!

I Don’t Have All The Answers

As a Therapist and NLP Trainer, I empower my clients to find answers; I assist them to find focus and make changes – overcoming fears and limiting beliefs and going on to achieve their goals. So when I’m unable to find answers in my own world from time to time, people think that’s kind of [...]

slim down for summer with the hypno gastric band technique

Losing Weight With The Hypno Mind Band

This week I’ve been bombarded with enquiries about losing weight with Hypnosis, specifically – in the main – the Gastric Band or Hypno Mind Band technique. I guess the sunshine has got people thinking about how great you will feel when you look really hot and confident in this year’s summer gear …   I [...]


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